Foundations of Facilitation Trainers

Marcia Baczynski

Co-Creator and Co-Founder of Cuddle Party, FOF and Certification Trainer

Marcia Baczynski is an extraordinarily talented workshop designer and facilitator, teacher, coach and leader who is passionate about providing the world with better tools for relationships and sexuality and empowering people to use them. An expert in gender dynamics, sexuality and interpersonal communication, she combines a keen analytical ability with warm personal skills to provide her clients and students with an experience of being seen, being validated, learning something new and feeling smarter for it.

In her work with couples and singles, she helps clients to identify what they want out of their relationships and how to create it. As co-creator of Cuddle Party, Marcia has worked with thousands of people, teaching them about boundary-setting, non-sexual intimacy, and effective interpersonal communication.

Marcia is a graduate of the University of Georgia, where she studied public relations, history and women’s studies. She has been a Barbara Sher Success Team leader, a guest lecturer on sex and gender at CUNY, and featured speaker at dozens of conferences on relationships and sexuality. From a young age, Marcia has been heavily involved in volunteer work, participating in projects as diverse as the 1996 Olympic Games, HIV education and awareness, boat-building for kids in alternative schools, and the Burning Man arts festival.


Madelon Guinazzo

FOF and Cuddle Party Certification Trainer, Cuddle Party Board Member, Co-founder and director of training for

Madelon Guinazzo is a certified Cuddle Party facilitator, trainer and member of the board of directors. She is the Co-Founder, Director of Training of and a professional cuddler. As such she has created the certification program for professional cuddling resource based on Cuddle Party’s values of consent and communication. Her mission is to encourage individuals to live satisfying lives by learning to claim their inner authority, give it voice, hear others openly and effectively move toward their deepest yearnings.

She holds a degree in Communication Studies from Northwestern University. She is a communication coach and instructor for medical students and healthcare practitioners and has trained extensively in many interactive ways of being intimate with oneself and others from professional acting training to the Work of Byron Katie.

Adam Paulman

FOF and Cuddle Party Certification Trainer, Cuddle Party Board Member, Cuddlist and Associate trainer for

Adam Paulman has been a facilitator of workshops, trainings, festivals and multi-day events for over 40 years.  He is fascinated by group dynamics and the elements that support cohesion and purpose.    He is a certified Cuddle Party facilitator and trainer as well as a member of the Cuddle Party board of directors.  He is also a certified professional Cuddlist and associate trainer for  Adam studied NVC with Marshall Rosenberg and is a ZEGG forum facilitator as well as a veteran of 20 years in public school.  It is his greatest joy to assist others to achieve what they didn’t know was possible.

Adam likes to describe Cuddle Party as “an advanced communication workshop cleverly disguised as a pajama party.”  Cuddle Party and Cuddlist provide the medium for platonic affection in a touch deprived world.  The rules of cuddling are simple in scope and revolutionary in practice.  Many describe the communication skills learned at a Cuddle Party as life changing.

Adam has degrees in Mathematics and Multi-cultural education.  San Diego is home, but Adam loves to travel.  When he is not facilitating Cuddle Parties around the globe he likes to spend time with his children and grandchildren and play bass guitar.