Foundations of Facilitation FAQ

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

About the Cuddle Party Certification Program:

What is Foundations of Facilitation Training?

The live version of Foundations of Facilitation Training is a three and a half day intensive program designed to provide you with the skills you need to create powerful, transformative workshops, including official Cuddle Party events. Whether you are new to running events for groups, or have been facilitating for years, this interactive, hands-on training will provide you with skills that will enhance your confidence, create new depth to your presentations, and improve your ability to create relatedness with just about anyone.

The training is a prerequisite for certification as a Cuddle Party facilitator, though anyone with an interest in and passion for working with groups of people is welcome to apply.

If you would like a live FOF training in your area request one if you have eight or more paid commitments and are willing to host at a suitable location. Anyplace suitable for a Cuddle Party would work as a training space as well. Once your training date and location are settled, we can promote it here to enrich participation.

Ongoing Virtual Training is continuously available online. The online version offers Certification Training in parallel for those eager to begin producing Cuddle Parties.

Who should be trained?

Anyone who has a passion for working with groups of people can benefit from this training. Caretakers, teachers, workshop instructors, group facilitators, community builders, dance and drama instructors, coaches, massage therapists, healers, social workers and the like will find much of value to their fields in this training, though the training is by no means limited to professionals in these fields. Previous participants have come from backgrounds as diverse as computer administration, art history, and even acting. The skills gained in this training will benefit anyone who leads groups, whether in the boardroom, on the nature trail, or in a studio.

In addition, anyone who wants to run Cuddle Party events must take this training. It is the first step in the Certification process and it provides a solid background for conveying what the Cuddle Party is about, and skills, techniques and information for creating a successful Cuddle Party event, whether as a hobby or as an add-on to participants’ existing work.

Why should I be trained?

Foundations of Facilitation Training is designed to provide you with the skills you need to create powerful, transformative events. During this training, you will learn how to:

  • create safe, non-sexual space to explore intimacy on both on a personal and professional level
  • lead workshops that leave your participants feeling touched, open, valued and nurtured
  • generate an environment where women and men communicate more authentically
  • listen profoundly
  • create a powerful relatedness with strangers quickly and easily
  • be more open to others and able to give and receive comfortably
  • create strong boundaries for yourself without shutting others down

You will also learn:

  • tools for building a strong, intimate community
  • advanced tools for handling rejection
  • communication techniques that open people up to discuss intimacy, desires, fears and needs

Regardless of whether you want to lead Cuddle Party events or not, the material covered in this intensive can be beneficial on the job, in your relationships, and even in your interactions with complete strangers.

What will be covered?

Please see the Training Curriculum for information about topics covered.

What is the Virtual Training Option?

We offer a Virtual Training Option. This option is accomplished by a series of teleconference and web conference training module sessions.  Applicants for the VTO are streamed into the ongoing sessions and will have some flexibility to self-pace through the VTO training modules anticipating completion within two to five months. The online version offers Certification Training in parallel for those eager to begin producing Cuddle Parties in the shortest possible time with extra effort.

What is the difference between the training and certification?

Training is the first step in becoming certified as a Cuddle Party facilitator. Training is open to people from all walks of life and provides participants with an opportunity to learn the skills offered during the training intensive. Certification is required only for those who wish to facilitate Cuddle Party events.

(Virtual Training allows participants who are interested to accomplish training and certification in parallel to support the most efficient and effective short path to Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator status.  It is self paced and fully supported to maximize your opportunity for success.)

What is included in the training weekend?

  • Participation in a Cuddle Party event
  • Three and a half days of intensive training, covering communication techniques, touch exercises, facilitation training, in-depth listening, boundary setting, and more (See training curriculum for more information.)
  • Workbook including facilitation concepts, tip sheets, worksheets and more
  • Snacks
  • Opportunities to connect with your fellow participants

How much does training cost?

FOF Training fees are $695. Student rate $495. These rates include all training and materials fees, and snacks for all training days.

When is my payment due?

A 50% deposit is due (payable via PayPal, CC payment by phone, or mailed check) upon your application to the Cuddle Party Facilitator Training Program. The balance is due 10 days before training begins. Extended payment plans are sometimes possible by consultation with CP and FOF HQ. Call 858-260-6187.

What if I can’t afford the training fee?

Becoming a Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator offers an opportunity for participants to create an additional revenue stream for themselves. Most Cuddle Party facilitators can recoup the cost of the training during the first three to four events they hold, and all facilitators will be given discounts on other merchandise, workshops and training sessions. In addition, the skills you will learn in this training intensive will carry over into other areas of your life, both personal and professional, creating new perspectives and new ways of being with and interacting with others.

Scholarships may be awarded for FOF Training. See Donations for details.

There are a limited number of work-scholar positions available for each training. Please contact us for details.

What should I wear?

Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes throughout the training weekend. Pajamas, yoga or running pants and t-shirts are all acceptable, and pajamas are strongly recommended on Day One of training. A changing area will be available.

What should I bring?

Bring your pajamas, a notebook, a pen, your calendar, and your smiling face.

What is the cancellation policy for the FoF Training?

Registration for Foundations of Facilitation Training requires a non-refundable registration fee of $100. In order to provide quality training and personalized attention, attendance is limited to the first 30 applicants who register and submit full payment for the training for each training session. If your requested training is full, your application will be valid for participation in a future training. Complete payment is due no later than ten days before training begins.

Cancellations more than two weeks prior to the event will receive a refund of moneys paid, minus the registration fee. If a paid participant wishes to postpone and reschedule for a later date, the participant will be charged a $50 service fee, and placed into the date of their choice. The participant may choose either to receive a refund (minus the application fee) for the original event or to postpone and reschedule for a future event. Cancellations less than two weeks before the event will be allowed to reschedule (with $50 service fee), but cannot be refunded.

Ongoing Virtual Training is available continuously and works on the mutual agreements you make before beginning training.  Please communicate effectively and promptly to advise CP HQ of any changes needed in your participation or payment schedules.  All efforts will be made to insure mutual support throughout your training process.

How do I register for Foundations of Facilitation?

Fill out the registration form. Then we talk with you, answer your questions and set up your payments.

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About the Cuddle Party Certification Program:

Do I have to enter into the Cuddle Party Certification program?

To take Foundations of Facilitation – No, you don’t. Not at all.

To certify as a Cuddle Party Facilitator and use the Cuddle Party format, name, logo and be listed on the Cuddle Party website (and be part of a world wide community of CP facilitators) – Yes, you do.

Many people want to take the Foundations of Facilitation Training to complement the work they already do. We have had people from many different backgrounds take our training, including artists, computer programmers, workshop facilitators, seminary students, teachers, chefs and yoga instructors. The skills and techniques taught in this intensive are applicable in many areas of life, both personally and professionally.

What is required for certification?

In addition to taking the Foundations of Facilitation Training, those who wish to become Certified Cuddle Party Facilitators must participate in the  Cuddle Party Certification program. Included in this program is

  • Extensive coaching and support
  • Ten tele-classes with certification coaches.  You must attend at least one tele-class before scheduling a review party and at least one tele-class after each review party

In order to successfully complete the Certification program, participants must complete a minimum of 10 tele-classes, do all homework assignments to the satisfaction of their certification leader, get certification in CPR and First Aid, and lead three provisional Cuddle Party events with feedback.

Benefits to certification include:

  • License to use Cuddle Party materials for your own Cuddle Party events
  • Listing on the official Cuddle Party website
  • Access to the Certified Cuddle Party Facilitators discussion board
  • Access to monthly Certified Cuddle Party Facilitators support call

Please be aware that while most training participants will be allowed to move directly into the certification program if they so choose, in some cases we will postpone participation in order to prepare participants as powerfully as possible to take on the certification program. Participation in training does not automatically guarantee participation in the certification program.

How much does certification cost?

Participation in the Certification program is $995. Payment is due prior to the first tele-class of each session. Payment plans are available when necessary.

What is the cancellation policy for the Cuddle Party Certification Program?

Certification is an ongoing process which is continuously available.  If you need to postpone or reschedule your participation due to life circumstances we ask you to communicate promptly and effectively to keep us informed of your intentions for completion.  Please be sure to advise CP HQ if you have any need to revise your payment or participation plans at any time.

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