Cuddle Party Facilitator Certification

About Cuddle Party

Cuddle Party is a short workshop/social event that teaches basic consent, boundary, communication and touch skills, in a relaxed and friendly setting. More about Cuddle Party here. We currently have over 150 Certified Facilitators all over the world.

Cuddle Party Facilitator training is built on the skills learned in Foundations of Facilitation. Then we add to that the needs and skills specific to facilitating Cuddle Parties.

Certification Training

 This training program includes what you need to get going:

  • A deep understanding of the principles that have made Cuddle Party work for over a decade.
  • Practical, nuts-and-bolts tools for running your events
  • Extensive coaching from experienced leaders who have your back
  • Online training materials you can reference any time
  • Hand-holding, troubleshooting and brainstorming through your first few events
  • Participation in a community of fellow facilitators devoted to bringing welcomed, affectionate, consensual touch to the world

In order to successfully complete the Certification program, participants must complete:

  • at least 10 group tele-classes
  • do all homework assignments to the satisfaction of their certification leader
  • get certification in CPR and First Aid
  • lead three provisional Cuddle Party events with feedback

Please note that enrollment in Certification Training does not automatically guarantee that you will Certify. It requires completion of the requirements, plus our confidence that you can successfully uphold Cuddle Party standards.

Once you are certified, you may:

  • Use Cuddle Party materials for your own Cuddle Party events
  • List your CP’s on the official Cuddle Party website
  • Join the Certified Cuddle Party Facilitators Facebook Group
  • Join monthly Certified Cuddle Party Facilitators support calls


Cuddle Party Facilitator Training is done via group video conferencing. You receive:

  • Tele-classes with certification coaches.
  • Detailed online training modules
  • Online training videos
  • Extensive coaching and mentoring with experienced CP facilitators


Fee for the Certification program is $995 US.

Payment plans are available when necessary. This is not a problem. Talk to us!

Changes and cancellations

Life happens!

Certification is a continuously available ongoing process.  Sometimes people need to postpone or reschedule their participation due to life circumstances. Please be sure to talk with us if you have any need to revise your payment or participation plans at any time.