About FoF

Foundations of Facilitation provides you with the skills to create powerful, transformative workshops. Whether you are new to running events for groups, or have been facilitating for years, this interactive, hands-on training will create new depth to your presentations, improve your ability to create relatedness with just about anyone, and enhance your confidence.


When you are accepted into FoF, you receive:

  1. Access to online materials, covering the entire curriculum. You have this access permanently.
  2. Access to an ongoing series of group coaching calls via video conference
  3. Attendance at a live, in-person training, which is offered regularly around the world

You may partake of any or all, at any time. For many people, getting to a live training is prohibitive, so the virtual training works well. Of course, if you can get there in person you will benefit from interacting directly with the trainers and other students, and it’s more fun!

You learn how to:

  • create safe, non-sexual space to allow connection between your participants
  • lead workshops that leave your participants feeling touched, open, valued and nurtured
  • generate an environment where everyone communicates more authentically
  • listen profoundly
  • create a powerful relatedness with strangers quickly and easily
  • be more open to others and able to give and receive comfortably
  • create strong boundaries for yourself without shutting others down

You also learn:

  • tools for building a strong, intimate community
  • advanced tools for handling rejection
  • communication techniques that open people up to discuss intimacy, desires, fears and needs

Who takes the training?

Caretakers, teachers, workshop instructors, group facilitators, community builders, dance and drama instructors, coaches, massage therapists, healers, social workers and the like will find much of value to their fields in this training, though the training is by no means limited to professionals in these fields. Previous participants have come from backgrounds as diverse as computer administration, art history, and even acting. The skills gained in this training will benefit anyone who leads groups, whether in the boardroom, on the nature trail, or in a studio.


The fee for FoF is $695 US. We have an option for a student rate of $495.

Cuddle Party Facilitator Certification is $995. With arrangements, payments can be made over time.   More about that here.