Foundations of Facilitation teaches you to create powerful, transformative workshops. For both newcomers and experienced facilitators, FoF brings new depth to your presentations and improves your ability to create relatedness with just about anyone. FoF includes both live and ongoing group video options. Read more.

Expect a relaxed, welcoming and light hearted training that takes your learning goals seriously. Expect to be surprised. Expect some things you had been wondering about to 'fall into place'. Expect trainers with decades of experience and a solid grasp of both facilitating and teaching. Read more.

Cuddle Party is a short workshop/social event that teaches basic consent, boundary, communication and touch skills, in a relaxed and friendly setting. FoF is a prerequisite for those seeking to train as Cuddle Party Facilitators. We teach both FoF and Cuddle Party Facilitator Certification. Read more.